Jack Falvey as Author

In 1981, Jack Falvey sold his first article to the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal.

Being a business professional and not trained as a journalist required both the initial Manager's Journal and the subsequent thirty-some pieces that followed to be worked back and forth many times before they were given the benefit of tasting Dow Jones' printer's ink.

After about a three-year, mid-career apprenticeship administered over the phone from New York, the skills required to write for a worldwide audience were acquired, if not mastered.

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How the Best get Better in Sales

How the Best get Better in Sales

People need more to be reminded than informed.

On Flag Day, June 14, 2000 a new concept in professional development for sales representatives and sales managers was launched. Jack Falvey, the founder and Chief Creative Officer of MakingTheNumbers.com, announced to a capacity audience of the Smaller Business Association of New England that beginning on July 4, 2000 a "Sales Tip of the Day" would go out by email FREE - FOREVER! And so it began with 44 initial registrants and a single subscriber to the Sales Management Strategy of the Day.

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The Best of Jack Falvey on Management

The Best of Jack Falvey on Management, 1999 Edition

This is a collection of business essays and articles in their originally published form. It includes all Wall Street Journal selections from both the Editorial and Leisure Arts pages.

The lead sales management columns from Sales and Marketing Management Magazine make up a complete section.

There are a total of 133 selections.

ISBN: 0-9650616-20-0

Price: $35.00

(217 pages)

Hot Negative: Why the Media Miss the Business Message

Hot Negative: Why the Media Miss the Business Message

This book is a set of actual case studies illustrating the critical details left out of the business reporting of big and small stories by an untrained and less-than-knowledgeable media at all levels.

The Saturn automobile launched with such fanfare by General Motors was designed and manufactured in such a way that it could never be profitable. Its unique organization has been drawn back under the folds of the G.M. small car group, and thus has effectively disappeared from the business pages. It is a massive untold story which occupies a major chapter in the book.

The demise of Digital Equipment Corporation gets similar treatment by documenting how its experimental management system created on day one of its existence eventually led to its downfall.

The positive examples of Gillette and Coca-Cola as well as McDonald's indicate what it really means to go global and make it work.

The final chapter is on business ethics, which is alive and well in the form of ethical people doing business each day of the week in ways which are not considered news by the media.

ISBN: 0-9650616-3-9

Price: $27.95

(217 pages)


Also available as a full length recording for rental or for sale from Books-on-Tape, Inc., Box 7900, Newport Beach, CA 92658. 1-800-88-BOOKS. (Book #4980, Five 90 minute cassettes)

State of Granite: What Makes New Hampshire Work?

State of Granite: What Makes New Hampshire Work?

The unique tax structure and small business environment are a winning combination in this small state's success in creating a vibrant economy. This is illustrated by a collection of articles that have appeared in The New Hampshire Sunday News over a two-year period, plus a small amount of supporting text.

ISBN: 0-96506-0-4

Price: $16.95

(223 pages)

What's Next: Career Strategies After 35

What's Next? Career Strategies After 35

Corporate life is a wonderful place to be from. There are fifteen million companies in the United Stated that are not in the Fortune 500. This book speaks to career opportunities once the questions of life have become apparent at around age 35 (or later, for those of us who are slow learners!).

ISBN: 0-9650616-6-3

Price: $16.95

(189 pages)

After College: The Business of Getting Jobs

After College: The Business of Getting Jobs

Entering this "real world" is a daunting task if you don't understand how it really works.

It works all together differently than how it is described by those who work on college campuses.

The book tells how to get out of the herd mentality fostered by on-campus interviews and résumé workshops.

Life is a great interactive experience if you don't get tangled up in the bureaucratic nonsense being portrayed as "the job search." It's not a search; it's a treasure hunt.

ISBN: 0-9650616-5-5

Price: $16.95

(188 pages)

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Additional Writing Credits Include:

In addition, seven generic industrial training films were written and produced for the American Management Association, and a five-part series on jobs was written and produced for ABC's Good Morning America.