I Am Not a Journalist ...

... But I Play One on TV

The media selects, slants and filters the information we all rely on each day to make informed judgments and decisions in our lives. It has always been so and if you understand how the system works, you can then select, slant and filter what you see, hear and read in order to get closer to reality and, therefore, be truly better informed.



Jack Falvey can explain the workings of major and local newspapers, national magazines, local and network radio and television because for the past 22 years he has done selections and segments for all of them.




He has been successful in his career as an author and business commentator because he has no formal training as a journalist. He sees events as they are rather than as they should be reported. This has allowed him to work at the highest levels in the communications field with little or no competition from the professionals.



His editorials for The Wall Street Journal have been read around the world since 1981. His appearances on The NBC Today Show, Good Morning America for ABC and Fox TV News have made him a valued television commentator. He has spoken to the managers of America's top companies and on campuses across the country.


"I am not a journalist, but I play one on TV."


After-dinner and luncheon presentations of 20 to 30 minutes are done on a negotiable basis plus first-class air fare and hotel accommodations.