Jack Falvey

Jack Falvey as a Consultant

Having worked across many industries, the value of an "outsider's" view is parhaps the greatest contribution Jack Falvey can make as a consultant. Although specializing in sales training, sales management and management development, his consulting practice has faced, analyzed and addressed many areas in general business because clients wanted ideas and approaches that fit their marketplaces and their unique situations and did not want to be limited to single discipline, specialized systems.

Step one is usually a meeting to determine fit. Some of the least likely assignments develop and often what appears to be a standard challenge, for some reasons can't be done. It is best to determine all this up front so that unattainable results are not promised nor anticipated.

The following client comments will illustrate the scope of projects to date:


Your willingness to get out into the field with these people, to understand and help them express the issues, was a mjor key in the implementation of a successful program.

- Data General


They couldn't believe you picked up so much molecular biology on just a single day at Sloan Kettering.

- Schleicher & Schelling


Management development is a key focus throughout any organization. The "Professional Challenge" seminar is a major piece of this development.



You came in and helped to assess the situation, to stabilize the sales staff, and then to lead the search for a Vice President in charge of sales. As a result, we now have an enthused staff with an excellent leader.

- Lawyers Weekly Publications


Of the 82 evaluation forms turned in, 98% rated your workshop either "good" or "excellent".

- Yellow Pages Publisdhers Association


I want to commend you for your approach in taking a day to spend with two of my loan officers to get a perspective of their day-to-day challenges. Again, a great job,and I look forward to working with you soon.

- Salem Five Mortgage Corporation


At the beginning of the project you outlined what you would do for us. You went well beyond what you said you would do. The true measure of any consultant is that recommendations are accepted and successfully implemented. The fact that we are seeing new enthusiasm and increased sales in the area of new business leads is a reflection of your commitment and involvement to the project from beginning to end.



We gave you a very demanding national scope and travel challenge in an industry where you had not previously been involved. Your ability to gain such quick insight into the nuances of the music industry was nothing short of amazing. Your analysis of our company structure, varied customers, and maverick sales force has been invaluable in planning our future strategies and growth. Your final report will be a reference point and guiding outline for years to come.

- Kamen Music Corporation


Your ability to customize the presentation for Spaulding's two "retail" worlds helped grasp and sustain the full attention of the group. This is not an easy thing to do.

- Spaulding Sports Worldwide